Terre des hommes Albania Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

Terre des hommes Albania Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

An important milestone in the life of the humanitarian organization based in Lausanne, which was founded 63 years ago with a firm commitment to making the world a better place for children.
Representatives from central and local institutions, leaders of international and local organizations, media representatives, and professionals in the field of child rights protection joined this celebration, demonstrating their collective commitment to safeguarding children.

In her speech, the head of the National Office of Terre des hommes, Mrs. Enkelejda Kallçiu, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Tdh team, the donors and partners who have supported them over the years, and the community that the organization has served.

"Over the past 30 years, we have empowered vulnerable individuals and communities, provided support and resources to meet their most critical needs, advocated for important issues to enhance the child protection system, and fostered understanding and collaboration with partner institutions. Every challenge that we have overcome in these years would not have been possible without the cooperation of central and local institutions, international and local partner organizations, and the support of donors.»

The event was also attended by Mrs. Barbara Hintermann, the general manager of Terre des hommes in Lausanne.

Today, we are gathered because we want to mark the 30th anniversary of Terre des hommes in Albania. It is always a question for me whether we should celebrate our presence or not. In fact, if Terre des hommes is active in a given country, then it means actually that the respect of children’s right is at stake and not guaranteed, and hence the laws and systems need to be further strengthened. Having said this, Albania has made significant progress when it comes to the rights of children and their protection, in particular in regard to the legal framework to the international and alternative protocols for child protection. Therefore, we should indeed celebrate success while keep going and continuing to improve the well-being of the children in Albania.”

On this significant day for Tdh Albania, the Swiss organization also received a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Justice for its contribution to the juvenile justice system, along with other stakeholders operating in this field.