Transforming National Response to Human Trafficking in Albania

Providing community-oriented services, with access to social services to reduce vulnerability and reintegrate persons at high risk of trafficking in Albania. Early identification of persons at risk, preventive and effective interventions, through community empowerment and direct participation of families, children and young people.


This intervention aims at early identification of individuals at risk of trafficking in Shkodra, Kukës and Dibër and their referral to relevant services to prevent further victimization; Supporting access to quality and coordinated services, empowerment and reintegration of persons at risk trafficking and their families, based on the needs they present.

It is accepted that groups at high risk of trafficking are those with a history of abuse, violence, dysfunctional family situations and low social support, very often accompanied by a high prevalence of sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, Early marriage and forced labor, therefore, increasing the resilience of persons at high risk of trafficking, provide protective walls to avoid their further victimization and to prevent trafficking.

Main activities:

  • Identification of children, young people and families at risk, in target areas, through field activities.
  • Support Multi-Functional Community Centers to help vulnerable families through empowerment services, social inclusion and support networks.
  • Providing empowerment services for young people, including psycho-social counselling, career counselling, youth-led social initiatives, peer support and psycho-social activities for children and young people.

"Prevent school dropout through school integration activities and after-school classes for young people and children from communities in need."

DURATION: 2020 - 2022


The project "Transforming the National Response to Human Beings Trafficking to and from Albania" is led by UNICEF Albania and supported by the British Government.