Strengthening Civil Society to Prevent and Protect Children From Abuse and Violence in Albania

The project "Strengthening civil society to prevent and protect children from abuse and violence in Albania" funded by the European Union and implemented by Terre des hommes in partnership with ANTTARC, was implemented in 7 municipalities: Elbasan, Fier, Kukës, Lezha , Lushnjë, Tirana and Vlora.


The focus of this project was to support civil society organizations in Albania to increase advocacy skills for good governance and accountability of public authorities in implementing the legal framework for the rights and protection of children, as well as to strengthen measures that strengthen the role of family in the child protection system.


  • 956 trained child protection professionals;
  • 3245 children and 2061 beneficiaries of interventions and activities;
  • 153 interventions with local and central institutions;
  • 66 schools covered in 7 regions of the country;
  • Increased capacities of civil society organizations;
  • Empowerment for the provision of social services with a focus on child protection;
  • Strengthen the CPU-based child protection system. 


  • 15 civil society organizations, under project grants, implemented on time and according to the plan child protection and family empowerment projects;
  • Efficiency in dealing with the pandemic situation and partly of the natural disaster of the earthquake;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the law on rights and protection of children with the contribution of 15 organizations in 7 municipalities where the project was implemented.

The project "Strengthening civil society for the prevention and protection of children from abuse and violence in Albania" was funded by the European Union.