Strengthening Local Organizations Capacities and Engagement Through Tdh Interventions

Localisation in the humanitarian context has led to a collective movement towards locally-led humanitarian responses, which focus on ensuring that local actors (at community, district and national levels) and people in affected communities have a strong leadership role. Affected communities are generally highly resilient and have developed resources, but they do not always have adequate conditions to build strong systems and sustainable response capacities.


Tdh plans to address localization from complementary angles:
• Quality Partnership: Tdh aims at being a champion in supporting locally-led humanitarian and development action. For that purpose, it strives to improve its capacities to engage in quality partnering for services in the humanitarian and development context, for the protection and empowerment of children and youth in migration, for access to justice for children and youth in contact with the law. Partnering should be strategically designed and led in order to be relevant, consistent and purposeful. It should also be provided with all the relevant guidance and tools.
• Building Capacities and Competences of Local Organizations for Stronger Systems based on solid local entities, including civil society organizations, supporting them to increase the “quality, reach and sustainability of these local organizations and ultimately their operational and financial independence” (as expressed in Somaha’s foundation impact orientation focus).

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