HARVE - Prevention And Safe Reintegration: Holistic Approach And Resilience To Violent Extremism

Terre des hommes Albania, through GCERF funding since 2020, has been one of the actors who played a key role by supporting the Albanian government on designing the institutional response to fostering the resilience, responsiveness, and risk-management of local government units and front-line service providers. Even though the implemented project has been assessed and evaluated as impactful there are still challenges that need to be addressed through the new proposed intervention.

The objective of the project is to ‘facilitate the successful reintegration of returnees and vulnerable populations by providing comprehensive case management support and sustainable transition of case management services, while fostering social cohesion, inclusion, tolerance, and preventing violent extremism'. This objective has been transposed into 3 Outcomes/Objectives, namely:  
1.    Ensure case management support to returnees and vulnerable populations.
2.    Support sustainable transition case management services to government led facilities funded by government budgets. 
3.    Ensure social cohesion, inclusion, and tolerance building activities contributing to reintegration of returnees and at-risk individuals and prevention of violent extremism.

DURATION: 01 JULY 2023 - 31 DECEMBER 2024

PROJECT PARTNERS: Institute for Activism and Social Change – IASC and Tirana Legal Aid Society – TLAS

INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS: Coordination Centre Against Violent Extremism- CCAVE and the The Ministry of Health and Social Protection -MoHSP, The Municipality of Tirana.


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